My Wardrobe Inventory

by girlgetsjob

Is there ever anything that is more dissatisfying to a woman than her wardrobe?  I always feel like I have too much crap and not enough quality clothing.  Earlier this year I tested out Project 333 for a couple of months and was actually really pleased with the results.  Limiting myself to 33 items of clothing seemed really challenging initially, but I soon realized that I tend to wear the same (very small number of) items over and over anyway.  Even better, moving the rest of the stuff out of my closet freed me up to see what I had more quickly.  Suddenly getting dressed in the morning was much easier!

I decided to go through my closet this weekend to take an inventory of the clothes that I have.  I need some clothes for work, but I wasn’t quite clear on the specific holes in my closet.  The numbers were pretty surprising to me, actually, and now I have established some new ground rules for my shopping.

Here’s what remained after culling a few items:

1 suit

2 pairs of jeans

3 pairs of dress pants

4 skirts

9 cardigans

3 sweaters

11 blouses (including 7 camisoles that need to be worn under a sweater or blazer)

6 long-sleeved T shirts (casual and dressier)

4 camisoles

4 t-shirts

6 work dresses

3 cocktail dresses

1 blazer

*This list does not include my workout clothing or sweatshirts.

Nine cardigans!  I do wear the hell out of my cardigans, but nine is insane.  Especially, when I admit that I really only wear 3 of those most of the time.  I was also surprised to realize that I have 4 skirts because I rarely wear them. To me, finding tops to match skirts can be quite difficult, so I end up pushing them to the back of my closet and forgetting them.  On the other hand, I love my dresses.  I don’t own a single dress that doesn’t make me feel great when I wear it.  Unfortunately 1/3 of the dresses that I own are special occasion dresses that I might wear once or twice a year.

With these numbers in mind I have devised some rules for myself:

1. No more skirts.  I am also going to challenge myself to wear the skirts that I do have more often, and give away the ones that aren’t earning their space in my closet.

2. No more cardigans or sleeveless camisoles.

3. Purchase more work-appropriate dresses.  No more cocktail dresses!

4. Wear the blazer more often.  I have a great khaki blazer that I love but never remember to wear.  I’m sure my cardigans would appreciate the breather.

5. Pick up some 3/4 or long-sleeved blouses.  I have 3 sweaters that I don’t like very much.  Most of my long-sleeved T-shirts are pretty ratty too, and are not work appropriate.

6. Consider getting rid of more items.  Start the 33 item challenge again to simplify preparing for work in the mornings.

7. Check out the local consignment shop.  I have read great reviews about this place but haven’t been yet.