The Post Where I Add Up My Student Loan Debt

by girlgetsjob

I have alluded to my student loan debt already; the Debt is one of the biggest reasons that I started this blog.  I wanted a place where I could put it all down in black and white (or red, ha!), set goals for myself, and track my progress.

I can already tell you that this is not going a blog about how I erase six figures (yes, SIX figures) of debt in some ridiculously short time frame, a la No More Harvard Debt.  It won’t even be gone in four years.  It’s going to be a long process that will require me to balance my debt aversion, having a life, and preparing for the future.

So without further ado…my student loans:


The upside?  I have no credit card debt, no car payment, and no mortgage.