How to Remember to Pack Underwear

Recently, I was invited to a beach weekend with a group of my friends.  In my excitement I completely forgot to pack some pretty crucial items.  I mean underwear and toothbrush crucial.  Fortunately, you can buy underwear and toothbrushes anywhere these days!  However, I would could have saved myself a huge amount of hassle (and a little bit of money) if I had a go-to packing list for occasions like this.

This winter when I was flying all over the country interviewing for jobs I had a specific interview packing list.  It included the clothing for my pre-interview dinner, and my interview, as well as the toiletries and other specific items that I would need.  This list made packing very easy, and it allowed me to feel secure knowing that I had not forgotten anything.

The beach trip made me painfully aware of how little I can trust my own brain to remember even important things.  So, with that experience behind me, I am setting out to try to ensure that it never happens again.  Here is my beach trip packing list:

A weekend beach trip:

bathing suit(s)


casual outfits for lounging around

dressier outfits for going out






workout clothes

sunscreen/aloe gel

shampoo/conditioner/hair product/hair ties

face wash/moisturizer


body wash/soap





cards/board games

beach towel

cell phone/cell phone charger

tea bags (I am not a coffee drinker, so I take tea bags with me pretty much everywhere.)


I have easily adapted this list to help pack for weekend trips to visit my family.   I removed all of the beachy items (sunscreen, bathing suits) and added church clothing.  Also, I keep a running pile in my house of things to return to my mom. That “return-to-mom” pile is also on my list.  I have saved both of these lists into my Google Docs and will reference it from now on when I am packing for a trip.