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April Updates and May Goals

After a very quick week, I’m here to let you know how I did with my April goals:

1. Make $250 dollars of side income – Done!  I have a pretty sweet side-hustle where I edit papers when I have time.  I can work from home, and I can decline work if I’m too busy.  It’s probably the best side job ever.  In April, I only had a short amount of time to work because I was out of the country for most of the month, but I did make $259.50.  I like to set income goals for myself with this job.  It really motivates me to work harder and to keep pushing myself to take extra work.

2. Complete residency paperwork – Fail.  Big fail.  Well, I’ve actually completed a lot of the paperwork, I just haven’t finished the 83459357 online training modules that go with it or actually faxed the paperwork that I have done.  Is anyone else completely helpless when it comes to the fax machine?  It baffles me how much trouble I have with that damn contraption.

3. Resume training for the triathlon that is coming up soon – You could say that I have resumed my training if you count working out twice in the last two weeks.  I could be doing better.

4. Complete a wardrobe inventory – Done!  See my post about it here!

5. Sell books to the local used bookstore – Nope.  Today though!  It is a May 1st goal.

6. Read up on disability insurance – I didn’t get around to this either, so it will get added to my May goals.

May is going to be an exciting month.  I am graduating from medical school, preparing to move to a new apartment, and will generally be relaxing a little bit before the craziness of intern year begins.  Here are my goals for May:

1. Make $500 of side income –  This will be challenging (because I have several other big commitments this month) but doable.  I will need to set aside time every morning to get some work done.

2. Finish the residency paperwork AND the modules – Stepping it up, folks!

3. Set up individual savings accounts for my different savings goals.

4. Create monthly meal plans with grocery lists to use during residency.  I’m trying to make my life as organized and easy as possible for internship.

5. Hem the new skirt that I got at the clothing swap.

6. Fill out student loan repayment paperwork.

7. Sell books to the used bookstore.

7. Read up on disability insurance.



April Goals

One of the reasons that I started this blog is to keep track of my goals.  I will begin each month with a list of goals, and at the end of the month I post an update on how I fared.  I am hoping that a little public accountability will push me to achieve more!  There are only a few more days in April, but I am ready to establish this practice now!  Here goes:

1. Make $250 dollars of side income

2. Complete residency paperwork

3. Resume training for the triathlon that is coming up soon

4. Complete a wardrobe inventory

5. Sell books to the local used bookstore

6. Read up on disability insurance